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What to wear?

Wear what you are comfortable in! You will see ladies in dresses and others in leggings. Do be aware most of the event is on grass, pointed heels are not recommended.

Do I have to dress in theme?

The themes are a fun suggestion, some guests like to fully embrace the themes, others not at all. Do what feels right!


What to bring?

General Admission seating is on our grassy berm, so picnic blankets and camping chairs are welcome. Small folding tables are allowed as well, provided they don’t obstruct the view for others. Guests are welcome to bring in their own food and drinks (alcohol as well).

Can I bring alcohol?

Yes! Guests are welcome to bring outside alcohol. Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery will be on site selling wine by the glass or bottle.


Will there be food?

There will be a food truck or vender on site, check the calendar for specifics.

Are there bleachers, seating, picnic tables?

There are a small number of picnic tables available on a first come, first serve basis. There are also bleachers behind the East goals. General admission guests are encouraged to bring picnic blankets and camping chairs.  


Are dogs allowed?

As much as we love dogs here at Great Meadow, dogs are not allowed at Twilight Polo for liability reasons.


Are grills, tents allowed?

No grills or tents are allowed.


What are the kids activities?

Before the 8PM feature match, children are invited into the Greenhill Stadium for a giant tug-of-war and two-lap race around the stadium. Check the theme night page for more information in specific nights, many have activities geared to children.


Is handicap parking available?

Handicap parking close to general admission seating is available. Do be aware the entire event is on grass.

What is the rain/cancellation policy?

A decision regarding a cancellation will be made by 4PM the night of the event. This information will be posted on the Great Meadow Website, Facebook, and Twitter.


What does a General Admission car pass get you?

A car pass is all you need! Your purchase covers entry to the event for all everyone in the vehicle (up to 6 people) and parking.


What time does it start and what time can you arrive?


The gates open at 5:30PM, and the games begin at 6PM. The arena is watered at 5:15PM, so please be aware boxes may be in the line of the sprinklers.  

What if I have a big group coming?

Big groups are asked to reserve a designated space (tailgate, entertainment deck, or box) to avoid monopolizing the general admission seating. For reservations, please call the office at 540-253-5000.

What are the spaces close to the action?

Closest to the Greenhill Stadium are the ringside boxes, reserved by the season or by the night. On the corners of the stadium, are the entertainment decks, which can be reserved for the evening. For more information click here or call the office at 540-253-5000.

Will I be able to get a taxi or an UBER from Twilight Polo?

It is unlikely, there are very few taxis in this area. You will need to arrange transportation to and from the event.


What is the polo school?


If you are interested in learning to play, please check out the Great Meadow Polo Club

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