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5 Reasons to Support Great Meadow!

Wondering why you should support the Great Meadow Foundation?

We have your top 5 reasons here!

1. Preventing Urban Sprawl. 374 acres protected by a conservation easement including wetlands, grasslands and old growth forests, Great Meadow ensures open space for generations to come.

2. Growing the Next Generation. Great Meadow provides an environment of growth and learning through STEM programs, including rocketry and astronomy. Further, high school athletes from across the state vie for top honors in cross country running on this iconic property.  

3. 7,000 Trees for the Future. Great Meadow has recently planted 25 acres of native trees to protect the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, reduce carbon, and provide habitat for local flora and fauna.

4. Heart of the Community. Great Meadow serves as a hub of community service and community driven activities.  We are the training grounds for the Virginia Search and Rescue Dog Association, home to cultural festivals, the Fauquier County Social Services Benefit 5K, and more.

5. World-class Equestrian Events. From Pony Clubbers to Olympians, Great Meadow is home to the highest caliber of equestrian competition, including steeplechase racing, three-day eventing, grass and arena polo, stadium jumpers and dressage.

The cost to maintain and operate our 374 acres is substantial. As a non-profit, Great Meadow relies on private and corporate donations and sponsorships. We are asking you to be a part of Great Meadow's continued success. 

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