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12,000 Trees for the Future

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

With an unerring dedication to its mission, Great Meadow continually strives to ensure the preservation of open space through environmental conservation efforts.The newest of these is Nutrient Banking.

Nutrient Banking is a state program that allows for the gathering of “nutrient credits”, created by landowners through reforestation of land previously used for crop or hay production. These credits are then purchased by entities to offset stormwater impacts caused by the development of land.

A simple example of this is a mandate for a construction company to purchase nutrient credits from a nutrient bank to compensate for the development of one acre of forest into one acre of parking lot.

Great Meadow has created nutrient credits by planting approximately 12,000 trees on the back section of the property, known as Fleming Farm, with the help of local experts ACRE Investment Management, LLC.

These 22 acres of mixed native pine and hardwood trees will aid in the development of wildlife corridors, increasing habitat for flora and fauna. Further, the newly reforested acreage will improve the water quality in tributaries surrounding the Great Meadow, reducing the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus that ultimately flows into the Chesapeake Bay.

With Great Meadow’s 374 acres already protected in perpetuity through conservation easements, the Nutrient Banking program has allowed the Foundation to further its mission of preservation beyond the bound of the property.

To sponsor a tree and become a Friend of Great Meadow for $150, click here.

If you are a landowner interested in participating in this program, contact

ACRE Investment Management, LLC and mention Great Meadow.

Chandler Van Voorhis - 540.253.2504 -

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